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Music for the little guys. And girls. Your iPhone. Your kids’ music.
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Kids love music. They looove music. Kids also love touch devices. They love music players on touch devices. They love touching music player buttons, they skip songs, they keep touching. Music stops, kids start losing interest, kids switch playlists. Kids listen to “The XX-Plicit and Un-Daily Eeerotic Trash Horror Show” podcast you just downloaded.

Yaaaah, you wouldn’t do that, right. ;)

Whatever, Kids’Player is built around a simple idea: Keep it minimal, for kids’ sake! All these standard MP3 players with their advanced playback options and fancy track title displays and nested pages and multi-button-omni-purpose controls? They’re great for us, but not for them — the toddlers. The little ones.

Chances are your kids can’t even read yet, so what are they supposed to tap on anyway? That funny looking alphabet-riddle we call a “playlist“? That tempting button with the “crossing lanes”? Edit? Clear? Delete? Kids’Player is purely album-based, cover-only, no text or tracks, just playback buttons — even 2-year olds can operate it.

Kids’Player is also great for separating your kids’ music from your own. It uses a single, pre-defined playlist from your iTunes Library: Set it up to include your children’s audio files only, and no Bluegrass, New Country Wave or Oldskool Manga Power Pop will ever interfere with their juvenile Audio Books or funky singalongs. Also, it’s free.

So here’s what Kids’Player has to offer:

  • Swipe left/right to select an album by cover
  • Play/Pause button
  • Back/Forward button (looped, last ◊ first)
  • Display of track number
  • Free of charge
  • That’s it


  • Create a playlist in iTunes
  • Put in your kids’ music, audio books etc.
  • Sync with iPhone or iPod touch
  • Start Kids’Player
  • Select the kids’ playlist
  • Hand over the device... NOW!

It’s supposed to be easy for them, remember? And if you ever want to switch playlists, you can access Kids’Player preferences in your device’s Settings application.

Did we mention that it’s… free?

Let’s face it: Kids get distracted fast, they want to experiment. They will press every button they find on-screen; hey, they just want to know what it does, right? Sixteen experimental taps later, they find themselves staring at another list, listening to whatever they tapped on and... lose interest.

Kids’Player will not solve the tapping experiment. But it will solve the distraction problem. And it keeps your music out of your kids’ reach. Thus, Kids’Player will help kids listen to what they want, and not what they get by accident.

Main Features:

  • MP3 Player
  • Uses iTunes/iPod Music Library
  • Minimal Interface
  • Continous Play

Age restrictions

  • None; tried and tested with 2-, 3- and 4-year olds

Player Controls:

  • Album Selection
  • Play/Pause
  • Back/Forward


  • Requires iOS 4.1
  • Expects at least one synced iTunes Playlist


  • Standard App Store License

Technical Specifications:

  • Built for iPhone and iPod touches
  • Optimized for Retina display
  • Requires iOS 4.1
  • Expects at least one synced iTunes Playlist

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