The following pages give a very in-depth description of the Ulysses Exporter. For an overview, especially on how to include pictures and footnotes in exported documents, please have a look at the Screencast Web Resource on Exporting.

Ulysses can export projects or parts of projects to other file formats using plug-ins. The following exporters are already included in Ulysses:

The export mode can be reached by selecting "Export…" in the Project menu, by pressing Command-Shift-E, or by clicking on "Export" in the toolbar.

Selecting documents

After switching to the export mode, checkboxes appear on the left-hand side to the documents in the browser. The documents to be exported can be selected by activating the checkboxes right next to them. If you don't see all the documents of your Project in the browser, you should check if your Filter Button is enabled. You can find this button right next to the search bar on the top. Simply disable it and all your documents will be shown in the Browser again. If you want to select or deselect all documents at once, press the Option key while selecting a checkbox.
The order of export is the same as the document order in the browser. For document ordering, see the section "Browser", especially "Manual Sorting". The export format can be chosen on the top left of the export area.

The last export mode, "Ulysses Project", will not be covered here. It simply exports a part (or all) of the document in the current Ulysses project to a new Ulysses project. The documents to be exported simply have to be ticked in the Browser on the left-hand side.

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