Files, Formats and Backups

Ulysses keeps everything related to a project in a single package (filename.ulys). This file is a package, which contains a folder for every document in your project. Every folder contains plain text and RTF files with the content of the document, the excerpt and the notes.

You can view the contents of that package by Ctrl-clicking it in Finder and choosing "Show Package Contents".

Backups of your project are created whenever you open or close Ulysses. These backup copies are placed in the Library/Application Support/Ulysses folder.

If you think you went into the wrong direction during your current writing session, you can easily go back to the state from when you opened Ulysses by selecting "Revert to last Backup" from the Project menu.

You can find more on Backups in Ulysses in the Screencast Web Resource on Advanced Features.