Getting Started With Ulysses

Welcome to Ulysses! The following information will help you to find your way through our rich set of features in Ulysses easily.

An Interface Overview

As a very quick start, we recommend you to take a look at our Interface Overview. Find out what all the panels and buttons are for and how to get your project started fast. This overview also links to all user interface components of Ulysses. For the release of our latest version, we've also prepared some great online resources, which help you getting started ever better. For instance, our introductory Screencast Web Resource gives you a tour of the interface and also introduces the most important concepts.

The Philosophy of Ulysses

Ulysses is different from a casual word processor or text editor. Different in the positive sense!
We've developed unique concepts which focus entirely on your task: being creative. Read our general Introduction to find out what Ulysses' intentions are and why Ulysses will help you when getting your thoughts down to paper, or rather: documents. To get an in-depth insight into the concepts and the philosophy behind Ulysses, be ready to take the plunge in the section "The Idea behind Ulysses". If you don't feeling like reading about it today, you can also watch our second Screencast Web Resource, which covers Semantic Text Editing. Lean back and enjoy!

Online Resources

This release comes with a lot of extra online resources, which introduce every important feature of Ulysses and also show you some neat details you might not have discovered yet. We're constantly updating and extending these resources so check back once in a while if we've got something new for you. The online resources are divided in two parts: in our Screencasts Web Resource section, we give you introductions to every component of Ulysses, in our Hidden Gems Web Resource, we've dug through Ulysses to find some "hidden" highlights of Ulysses that will aid you in writing and finishing your project for sure.

And for the everything else…

… you can always look at the rest of the Help. If the Help should ever leave a question unanswered, get in contact with fellow Ulysses users in our forum or drop us a mail.

Enjoy the ride!