What's new in 2.0

With the release of Ulysses 2.0, we bring you the largest leap forward on the development of our flagship product so far. Building upon the long-standing fundaments of Ulysses 1.6, we gave the user interface a complete overhaul, added dozens of new features in all areas of Ulysses and carefully reworked existing key components. Below you can find a detailed listing of what's new in Ulysses 2.0.

A completely new look for Ulysses 2.0


With our new milestone release, we wanted to make your writing experience even better. The user interface of Ulysses 1.6 has been tried and tested for years and we know: it just works™! So we kept every component at its place and reworked it. Except one thing: the preferences. Navigation has been greatly simplified, making it easier for you to customize the look'n'feel of Ulysses or to create Styles & Markers.

Creating projects on the fast track

Project Templates

You can now create templates for your Ulysses projects. If you want to have default settings in your projects or want some Styles & Markers created by default, project templates are the way to go. You can even set standard Collections, Filters or Groups for each project.

Making distraction-free writing even better

Console Mode

This has been one of the most requested features of Ulysses: Notes and Excerpts in Console Mode. Everyone who has used this zen-like, distraction-free environment knows what "focus on the text" really means. With the addition of Notes and Excerpts in this mode, this experience is smoother than ever.

Navigating text at the speed of light


With the introduction of Bookmarks and "Style-Jumpers", you can go from one text spot to the other even faster. Bookmarks allow you to pinpoint lines of your texts so you can jump easily between text passages and find certain spots in the blink of an eye. Style-Jumpers let you jump quickly between sections of your documents without having to scroll or search for a certain comment or header. Read on for more in our Hidden Gem #10 Web Resource.

Throwing out the trash

Document Trash

Not every document is written at once. Some of them just get thrown away. This is what the Document Trash is for: whenever you remove a document, it is moved to the trash. From there you can restore it or delete irreversibly. You can find all the dazzling details in Hidden Gem #9 Web Resource. Additionally, we added an "Unfiled" view that includes all documents not contained in a Collection.

Keeping you up-to-date with Ulysses' features

Ulysses Screencast

Since the release of Ulysses 1.6, we have started two series that help you getting started in Ulysses: Screencasts and the Hidden Gems of Ulysses. The Screencasts Web Resource cover a wide range of topics from a general introduction to advanced features. The Hidden Gems of Ulysses Web Resource introduce you to some features which you might not have discovered yet, but will make you writing process even more seamless.

And that's just the start…

These were only the most important changes and improvements, below you can find a complete feature and bugfix listing.