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Episode 3 - Export # Episode 3 - Export
In this Screencast, we give you insight on how to make your documents look great on paper. Ulysses can export to a rich variety of file formats (including LaTeX, PDF and Word) and Götz gives you an overview over them, goes into the settings and also has some neat tips & tricks to beautify your finished documents.
Filmed using Ulysses 1.6
Episode 4 - Advanced Features # Episode 4 - Advanced Features
After covering the basic features and concepts of Ulysses, this Screencast dives into more advanced topics: We'll show how to search & replace Styles and you'll get to know Project Notes and Text Trash. We then get into the two Fullscreen Modes, and finally show how to automatically backup your projects and customize Ulysses' interface to suit your needs.
Filmed using Ulysses 1.6. Please be aware that the Preferences received a major overhaul in Ulysses 2. Although the concepts remain the same, some settings were relocated.
Episode 5 - Document Management # Episode 5 - Document Management
Document Management is one of the most important features of Ulysses. This Screencast shows in detail how to use Collections, Filters and Groups in your project and where the three special views "All", "Unfiled" and the "Document Trash" come in.
Teaser # Teaser
This small teaser serves as an introduction to Ulysses in the fast lane. Find out what makes writing in Ulysses so special, and get to know the interface and core concepts like semantic text editing. For more in-depth information, feel free to watch the other Screencasts.
Episode 1 - Introduction # Episode 1 - Introduction
This first episode is mostly an introductory episode to the whole application. You'll get a tour of the interface and also hear about the most important concepts of Ulysses. In addition to introducing semantic editing using Paragraph and Inline Styles, the idea of exporting is also presented.
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